Criminal Defense


If you’re facing jail time or substantial criminal penalties, you need a top criminal defense attorney. Whether it’s a misdemeanor, felony, or OVI, a criminal record can limit your job prospects, your income, your right to own firearms, your ability to obtain a passport, and your life in unimaginable ways. Your personal freedom is at stake. Don’t risk your future, or the future of those who depend on you.

Tomas J. Tatarunas aggressively fights for those who have been wrongfully accused. As one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys in Greater Cleveland, he represents clients in criminal defense and juvenile defense.

Throughout his career as a criminal defense attorney, he has learned that prosecutors and law enforcement can make mistakes. His intricate legal knowledge and courtroom experience provide you the best chances of winning your case.

Tomas J. Tatarunas is the ideal attorney to represent your interests and to help ensure that you receive justice. As your criminal defense lawyer, he will:

  • Navigate your case through the state and local legal system.
  • Diligently gather evidence and interview witnesses.
  • Listen to your story and present it in the most compelling, logical, and factually accurate way.
  • Work with prosecutors, when appropriate, on plea bargains and alternative sentencing.
  • Help you with the intense emotions that are associated with a criminal case.
  • Help seal a record of conviction through expungement.
  • Help restore your right to own firearms
  • Protect your rights, your freedom, and—most of all—your future.

Sometimes it is tempting to pursue a quicker and cheaper option. Public defenders, while certainly an option, are not always a solution. They are constantly struggling with heavy caseloads and simply cannot give you the attention that you deserve. Why risk your freedom? Tomas Tatarunas will take the time to build a relationship with you and listen to your story. He will present your story to jurors in an emotionally powerful, logically structured, and factually accurate way. He will go the extra mile to ensure that you receive justice.

You need a lawyer with intricate legal knowledge who aggressively fights for your rights and offers a personal touch. Tomas J. Tatarunas is that lawyer. He has successfully helped hundreds of clients throughout Northeast Ohio win their case or obtain the best possible outcome.

Have one of Cleveland’s most capable criminal defense lawyers at your side. Contact Tomas J. Tatarunas at 440-290-5570.

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