Overdose Exception to Drug Possession

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Under a new version of ORC 2925.11 Possession of Drugs, if you, or someone you are with, is experiencing a drug overdose and are caught possessing drugs, you may eligible to have your drug possession charges dismissed. If you seek to use this law you must receive a screening and receive a referral for treatment from a community addiction services provider or a properly credentialed addiction treatment professional within 30 days of the incident. You may only use this law to get your charges dismissed three times.

If someone you know is experiencing a drug overdose call 911 immediately! Even if you are under the influence or have drugs on you please call. You very well may save their life. Health professionals want to help save lives, not get you in trouble. If the police do respond, under Ohio law you will almost certainly either not be charged or have the drug possession charges later dismissed if you seek treatment within 30 days.

If you have been charged with drug possession and you or someone you were with was experiencing an overdose, you may be eligible to have your charges dismissed. Please call my office for a free consultation.

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