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Under ORC 2923.14, if you are convicted of a crime that prohibits you from owning firearms you may apply to have your Second Amendment firearms rights restored. While expungement is the best option, if you are not eligible, relief from disability can be very beneficial if you value your rights to own firearms for hunting, sport shooting, or protection.

If you’re convicted of ORC 2923.132 Use of a Firearm or Dangerous Ordnance by a Violent Career Criminal you are not eligible. If you’re twice convicted of a felony with weapons specifications described in ORC 2941.141, 2941.144, 2941.145, 2941.146, 2941.1412, or 2941.1424 you are not eligible.

The Court will hold a Hearing to determine if you are eligible and will evaluate your character and fitness, at which the Prosecutor may object. The Judge may grant full restoration of firearm rights, partial rights for only limited purposes (such as owning only long rifles and shotguns for hunting), or deny your application completely. If you are denied for reasons of character or fitness you may apply again at a later time.

If you are granted relief from disability, it may be revoked by the Court that granted it at any time for good cause. It is automatically revoked under ORC 2923.13 if (1) you are a fugitive from justice; (2) have been indicted or convicted of a violent crime; (3) you have been indicted or convicted of any felony drug crime; (4) you are addicted to drugs or alcohol; or (5) you are declared mentally incompetent, mentally defective, mentally ill, or involuntarily hospitalized (unless you are hospitalized for observation only).

If you are currently unable to own firearms and would like your Second Amendment Rights restored, please call my office for a free consultation. I will review your criminal record, the reasons you want to own firearms, and factors the Court will consider when determining your character and fitness.

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